Therapeutic Options For Yeast Infection Cure

yeast-infection-no-moreAfter discussing the available therapeutic options with a doctor was decision on suppressive therapy. Shared decision-making in favor of Yeast infection no more program was based both on existing recommendations for GH therapy, and on that, because the patient will have long-term use of the drug, then it is preferable to medication was not more than 1 time a day, and Yeast infection no more program had seemed the most appropriate for value.

Yeast infection no more program was discharged and asked to come to a doctor within 3 months after its application under the scheme suppressive therapy: 1 tablet (500 mg), 1 time a day without regard to food and liquids.

Final consultation – Planning pregnancy
During 3 months this time, while taking Yeast infection no more program 1 tablet (500 mg), 1 time / day. She did not have any relapse. Patient’s mood was good. Relationship with her husband finally got better. They vacationed together in the Italian Alps, skiing. Despite hypothermia, acute exacerbations of herpes infection on the background of suppressive therapy with Yeast infection no more program arose. The patient decided to continue therapy and asked if she could plan a pregnancy.

Doctor explained that, according to the European guidelines for the management of patients with genital herpes, if pregnancy occurs should inform the obstetrician the presence of HSV infection.
As further suppressive therapy, when planning pregnancy should be terminated. If exacerbation of herpes infection occurs during pregnancy, you should see a doctor to decide on the need for treatment. Visit Here

Although the risk of transmission of HSV infection from mother to fetus during pregnancy, in the case this risk is minimal because she already has antibodies to the virus, and a serious danger to the fetus can only be an exacerbation of HSV infection at delivery. At this point, and should be given treatment. Given the existence of the spouse of HSV during pregnancy situation would have been much more severe, because the fetus, there would be a serious threat if infected during pregnancy seronegative mothers.

This advice was quite satisfied and grateful for the fact that with the help of a doctor finally fully learned to control their disease and found peace of mind.

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