Truth about cellulite by Joey Atlas – Are you suffering From Cellulite?

Joey Atlas CelluliteWe will advise you how to turn it with truth about cellulite reviews by Joey Atlas. Suddenly you notice that your thighs, back and inside of the legs create weird wells. Guess correctly, you have cellulite. However, you are not alone!

Around 85 to 90 percent of all women, including the top sportswoman and model, tends to cellulite.

What is cellulite? The term originated from the Latin word cellulites, which means inflammation of the cells. With orange skin, commonly referred to as bark, but not the inflammation in the true sense, but the dystrophic changes in subcutaneous tissue, which manifests itself as orange peel.

Why affects more women? They are responsible for these particular female sex hormones, particularly estrogen, which among other things causes a relaxation of the ligaments. In the blood of men, these hormones are only a minimum amount with truth about cellulite info by Joey atlas.

As our skin actually starts “To loose elasticity”? Female sex hormones affect the subcutaneous blood vessels. Reduce the oxygen supply to fat cells. Dead arise and cells Leads to adipose tissue remodeling and the result is uneven, rougher surface appearance of the skin truth about cellulite clues by Joey Atlas.

Cellulite in Women:

Most often after puberty in about 12 percent of women is no longer occurs during sexual maturation. In 20 percent during pregnancy and 25 percent of women suffer through during menopause. What causes bumpy skin and how can you cure it with truth about cellulite info by Joey Atlas

The emergence of cellulite affects more factors. They are also genetic factors, unhealthy eating habits, especially a lot of animal fat, excessive intake of carbohydrates, lack of fruit, vegetables, and vitamins.

It’s done and lack of physical activity, alcohol and smoking. Risk a truth about cellulite by Joe atlas re women who have ovarian function disorders, adrenal disorders and blood circulation. Many girls and women sigh, that it should, yet see nothing. When it comes to cellulite? Visit My Web Here

Cellulite is divided into four grades. It can be easily diagnosed using a so-called. Pinch test. This is the extension compression or splitting test. First degree means that the first signs in the form of orange skin are visible only when you press your skin.

It’s simple: selected about as big a piece of palm leather thigh firm pressure with your fingers squeezed his hand. The skin will show a similar picture of the surface of an orange peel truth about cellulite tips by Joey Atlas.

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